Feed supplements

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Feed supplements

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My birds always have mixed grit and Versele-Laga All-In-One Vitamin & Mineral Mix in front of them. The latter looks to me like ground up red brick dust. It smells nice and, apparently, contains a spectrum of minerals. The birds seem addicted to this.

Two things I’ve often wondered about but have never acted upon:
1) does anyone add mineral supplements to the water? I’ve read about cider vinegar but have never been convinced by that. I used to add a tea spoon of cod liver oil to the seed mix once a week but don’t do that any more.
2) How about feeding greens? If so, which ones and how are they prepared? I keep meaning to try defrosted green garden peas. I feed my bantams greens as a matter of good husbandry but have never done so with my pigeons.

Any thoughts appreciated. Thank you.
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Re: Feed supplements

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Pigeons love greens, and acidifying the water can help with the bowel environment. I made a video on it a few years ago. Personally I prefer citric acid over ACV.
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